Follow along as we detail the method and technique behind our food.


Douchi are commonly referred to as ‘fermented black beans’ in English and are most widely seen in dishes that contain ‘black bean sauce’. Douchi is a chinese style of bean prepared using koji, specifically Aspergillus egyptiacus but at Larder we use A. sojae.

Amanita jacksonii aka American Caesar’s Mushroom

There is a large family of mushrooms known as the Amanita’s that contains one of the most delicious of species and the deadliest of species. It has a unique flavor that I can only describe as “WOW!”. It is a favorite summer mushroom of mine to forage and will quickly become one of yours too.

Russula parvovirescens

Russula parvovirescens (spp., virescens-crustosa) aka Grill Brittlegill. I fell in love with this wildmushroom many years ago while foraging the wilds of NYC and northern New Jersey. It’s a beautiful mushroom that requires patience to forage enough for a meal for it fruits erratically. 


Asclepias syriaca aka Milkweed. As seen here milkweed gets its name from the milky sap that it bleeds when damaged. When raw milkweed is slightly toxic but the toxicity in completely neutralized with cooking. Simply blanch it and it’s perfectly safe to eat. 


Ramps (Allium tricoccum) are a wild growing member of the garlic and onion family that are native to the north and eastern part of North America. They are the most coveted member of the onion and garlic family due to their resistance to cultivation, their ability to be used many ways in the kitchen, and to their short window of availability, typically about 4 weeks in the early spring.

Morchella esculenta and associated species, aka Morel

There is hardly anything that heralds the triumphant return of spring than the morel. This fungus is held in the highest regard by chefs and diners the world over. Graceful, intricate, strong, and timid I oft make the assertion that it is the Queen of fungi to porcinis status of King.

Koji-Cultured Venison Charcuterie

It’s late fall and that means that my friends who hunt are out harvesting wild game. This is one of my favorite times of the year to eat due to the fall hunt. Pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, and of course, venison.

Amazake Butter

Cultured butter is one of those hearty foods that sooths the soul and warms ones bones as the frigid grasp of late fall and winter starts to take hold. You could go to the grocery store and pay $8 for a 4oz piece or you could just as easily make 1 pound at home.


I love fermented meat. This is a Mettwurst, a German spreadable sausage. The Italian n’duja, Spanish sobrassada, and German mettwurst all come from the same family of charcuterie; ground meats that are fermented, highly spiced, and spreadable when finished. 

House of Vinegar

House of Vinegar the book all about vinegar by Cleveland chef Jonathon Sawyer is now out in bookstores and online! Visit your local bookstore to pick-up a copy. Jeremy was one of the co-authors on the book.

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