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Classes at Larder

Learn how to be a culinary badass.
Our general introductory classes are great for people of all ages, skill levels, and interests. They make for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life or for couples looking for a fun evening out. We even offer classes for the little ones, ages 3+, in your life.

Our advanced classes are perfect for various culinary professionals. We can work with you to create a class that you and your staff will benefit from for years to come. Every thing from using HACCP Plans to developing unique recipes, foods, and beverages for your establishment can be incorporated into a class.

You can choose from the available scheduled classes that we offer or contact us about scheduling a private one.

Culinary classes at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery
Culinary classes at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery
Foraging classes at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery


We offer two types of foraging classes, foraging and applied use. The foraging classes take place in the wilds of NE Ohio. In these classes we’ll teach you how to safely identify various wild plants and fungi that you can forage on your own and use at home. Our applied foraging classes focus on ways to use foraged ingredients in your kitchen.

Classes will start at 10am and will be approximately 2 hours long. Location will be dependent on weather conditions and will be determined the day before class. Each class is $35. Class sign up can be done in person or over the phone at the Deli.

Upcoming Dates:

  • July 17 and 31, location TBD 10-12

  • August 14 and 28, location TBD 10-12

  • September 4, location TBD 10-12


Monday, July 18th 

Family Forage
Bring the whole family for an hour of outdoor exploration. 
5pm to 6pm
$45 for 2 adults and up to 4 children

Charcuterie classes at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery


These classes focus on the making of various styles of charcuterie. From fresh terrines and pates to sopressata and prosciutto you’ll learn all that you could ever imagine about how to make and use these wonderful foods.

There are no Charcuterie classes scheduled for this month.

Fermentation classes at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery


These classes focus on how to safely make and enjoy all types of fermented foods. From sauerkraut to koji there’s always something life changing to learn about.

There are no Fermentation classes scheduled for this month.

Canning and Preserving classes at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery

Canning & Preserving

Have you ever wanted to learn how to can your own jams, tomatoes, or soups? These classes show you how to put up your favorite foods to enjoy year round.

There are no Canning & Preserving classes scheduled for this month.


Private Dinners at Larder at Larder Delicatessen and Bakery

Private Dinners at Larder

Come and party down with us!
We host private dinners at Larder for your enjoyment! These dinners are scheduled regularly and tickets are available in store or by emailing us.

We will also work with you to host and create a private event in our space. Whether it be for a birthday, holiday gathering, anniversary, or just an awesome night out with friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

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