I love fermented meat. This is a Mettwurst, a German spreadable sausage. The Italian n’duja, Spanish sobrassada, and German mettwurst all come from the same family of charcuterie; ground meats that are fermented, highly spiced, and spreadable when finished. Making this style of sausage is very easy and doesn’t necessarily require a curing chamber so it’s a fun one to make at home. This is the perfect fall sausage; its hearty and invigorating.

The Larder Mettwurst is as follows:


  • Pork belly 100%
  • Salt 2.8%
  • Cure #1 0.25%
  • Dextrose 0.10%
  • Whole mustard seed 4%
  • Dried garlic 3.5%
  • Smoked sweet paprika 5%
  • Amazake 1c/10#
  • Live active ferment brine 1c/10#

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